Proposed Club Events for 2017

​​June 17 - Fly-In at River Oaks

July 8 - Warbird Fly-In at Gilmore

July 23 - Fly-In at River Oaks

Aug 20 - Cub Fly #2 at Gilmore

Sept 22- Flying Demo, Hastings Model Railroad Club at Hastings

                                                                                             Fairgrounds .

Weekend of Sept 23 there will be no flying at River Oaks until afternoon on Sunday the 24th.

All AMA Pilots are invited to join us for all our events.  We usually have a $5 landing fee which includes FREE lunch.  Details for each event will be released as the event approaches.

Dates listed are NO FLY days at Gilmore. 
You may fly after the advertised end time of the event.

June - 4,8,13,24
July - 8,9,13,15,23,29
August - 5,12,13,19,26,31
September - 10,14,16,17,23,24