Next club meeting January 4, 2018

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Welcome to the Kalamazoo Thunderbirds  RC Club website.  We offer our members 2 flying sites.  One located at the Kalamazoo County River Oaks Park located just west of Galesburg on​​ M-96.  The second is located at the Gilmore Car Museum just north of Gull Lake off M-43. 

The River Oaks Parks site has a locked access gate but is open when members are present.  

​Access to the Gilmore Car Museum site is off West Hickory Rd.

​Maps on the Contact page...

Use the 2017 form until the new 2018 is available.  Dues are the same as 2017.

We are a AMA Charter Club #352.

AMA membership is required at all our flying sites.  ​Guest and Visitors are always welcome.

You can also check out the Thunderbirds on Facebook at   Thunderbirds Facebook page

​River Oaks Park 

​You must be a T-Bird member and Gilmore member or guest of one to fly here..